welcome to wildlingswardrobe home of handmade childrens clothing


Here at wildlings wardrobe all of our clothing items are fully handmade by a one mumma team.

Each of our fabrics are carefully selected to ensure they are of highest standard and ensure the fair trade quality of each fabric is sourced economically and fair.

Each design is carefully selected with comfort and durability in mind before it is constructed, sketched, cut,sewn and finally vigorously tested by my own little wildling.

when finally they are offered to you lovely mummas (and some dads too) for your own little wildlings.

fashion, design and art have always been my passion which shows with my qualifications  in art , digital art , manufacturing  textiles double award as well as graphic design.

with over 20 years sewing experience I finally found my calling in children's clothing once my daughter was born back in 2011 where I replaced my sketches and designs with unique designs for my own daughter, which is when I decided to open my own business selling handmade, at the time handmade wasn't as well known as It now is and long story cut short my business ran for less than a year before taking a time out. The time out didn't last long and i'm now back doing what I love.

please do pop me a message if you have any queries, I am always here to help.